När: Mar 18 2021
Plats: Online

Go big or stay home

What does an office need to deliver in 2021 and beyond?

Join our experts as we take a deep dive into Leesman’s rich dataset of employee experience: 817,000+ in the office and 160,000+ at home. Our data reveals how the office and home experience compares, and pinpoints when employees would prefer to work from home.

Webbinarium Spara

Leesman data indicates that if you’re going to utilise office space in 2021, you must create an exceptional experience for your employees, or accept that they will choose their homes over coming to the workplace.

Our live event will help you answer questions about your organisation’s employee experience, such as:

- Do you know the difference between average to outstanding?
- Do you really know what good performance looks like?
- How prepared are you for the disrupted future?
- Are you OK with your employees choosing home instead of the office? What’s the risk?
- How are you navigating the new impending crises of trust, learning and leadership?

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